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“Chess for life” – keep your brain in good shape at all times!

Our goals
  1. Help the local community to communicate.

  2. Help people from different countries and different societies to speak the same language through the game of chess.

  3. Focus on interesting mental activities for the local community.

«Chess for life» is your guide to the world of intellectual game!

The game brings not only discipline and involvement, but also the new level of human communication.

Chess is a timeless classic for broadening your thinking, all types of it: concrete, abstract, and strategic.

These are unique time, place and opportunity for self-knowledge in a strategic game with rivals of different levels

The game helps to create new algorithms and to build logical chains, to recognize patterns and to solve three-dimensional problems.

Maybe we won’t make you a champion in chess, but we will help you to be a champion in life!

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