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“Chess for life” – keep your brain in good shape at all times!

Our goals
  • Elevate Your Mind: Concentrate on captivating mental exercises.

  • Help the Local Community to Communicate: Aid people from diverse
    backgrounds and cultures to speak the same language through the game of chess.

  • Cultivate Community Engagement Through Intellectual Games: Offer engaging and enriching chess activities designed to stimulate minds across the community, unite families and generations in shared experiences.

  • Develop Young Minds: Introduce chess to children as a fun way to develop critical thinking skills and enhance cognitive development.

  • Enhance Cognitive Longevity for the Elderly: Use chess as a tool to keep the
    minds of the elderly active, helping to preserve mental acuity and foster social

"Chess for Life" is your gateway to the enriching world of intellectual games!

The game not only cultivates discipline and involvement but also elevates human communication to new heights.

Chess, a timeless classic, expands your thinking in all forms: concrete, abstract, and strategic.

This offers a unique moment, setting, and chance for self-discovery through strategic
encounters with varied opponents.

The game helps developing new algorithms and building logical sequences, enhancing pattern recognition and solving complex, three-dimensional challenges.

Maybe we won’t make you a champion in chess, but we will help you to be a
champion in life!

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